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DARK SPOT SERUM (For Sensitive Skin) // 30ml
  • DARK SPOT SERUM (For Sensitive Skin) // 30ml

    SKU: JM9850002SL

    Introducing our Dark Spot Serum, designed for sensitive skin. Hydration sets the stage for targeted dark spot reduction. Natural extracts work together to brighten and even skin tone while providing soothing repair.

    Ideal for sensitive skin, it does not contain typical brightening acids such as Kojic Acid. Instead, we rely on clinically tested natural ingredients such as adaptogenic mushrooms to brighten and even skin tone!

    *Hydrates Sensitive Skin:

    This serum is formulated to provide hydration suitable for sensitive skin types. By incorporating ingredients like Jackfruit and Chamomile Extracts, it helps maintain normal skin moisture balance without the use of harsh brightening acids, making it ideal for those seeking gentle skin care solutions.

    *Targets Dark Spo