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DARK SPOT SERUM (For Normal Skin) // 30ml
  • DARK SPOT SERUM (For Normal Skin) // 30ml

    SKU: JM9850001SL

    Introducing our Dark Spot Serum, a targeted elixir designed for radiant skin! Hydration sets the stage for targeted dark spot reduction. Our powerful extracts work together to brighten and even skin tone while providing soothing repair.

    Our serum features highly effective illuminating power containing special antioxidants that strengthen against discoloration. Elevate your skin care with our Dark Spot Serum – a harmonious blend of science and luxury for revitalized, even-toned skin!

    *Hydrating Formula:

    With ingredients like Glycerin and Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, the serum is designed to hydrate the skin, which can help in maintaining a smooth and healthy-looking complexion.

    *Brightening Agents:

    The inclusion of components like Hexylresorcinol, Ethyl Linoleate, and