POLKA DOT YOGA MAT // Black & White with JM Logo

POLKA DOT YOGA MAT // Black & White with JM Logo

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Downward Facing Dog, Crouching Tiger, and the Lotus position all require practice and dedication to perfect. You can now perfect your poses in style with this cute and chic polka dot printed JM Yoga Mat!


This mat is an essential for anyone who enjoys a workout or a little zen time whether it is every day, once a week, or once ayear! This mat is hygienic, lightweight and robust! It features a non-slip base and it also comes with a handy carrying strap, making it perfect for traveling around with. Comfortable, stylish and impeccably made, this stunning yoga mat will enhance any workout! 




    Dimensions: 24.80" x 70.86"

    - Black Trim
    - Non-slip rubber padded base


    Care Instructions: 


    Your new yoga mat should only be spot cleaned, which means that the visible spot or stain should be cleaned by hand using a cleaning agent. As this method of cleaning involves targeting only specific areas at a time, it's possible that residual watermarks may be left behind from the cleaning solvents, or the area that is cleaned will stand out more than the rest of theproduct. So please be careful.


    Many high quality yoga mats require a little breaking in, and your new yoga mat is no exception. We suggest using it as much as possible in the first instance, if you find it to be a little slippery. Walk on it, sit on it, even stretch on it in front of theTV. You can also use a micro fiber towel on top of the fabric, if you require a little extra grip.