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  • SLUMBER SOAP // 4oz

    SKU: JM8250001SL

    Our soap captures the essence of lazing away a summer afternoon, bringing that sense of peace and relaxation right into your shower.

    Transform your shower into a serene escape with the Handmade Slumber Soap—a moisturizing and calming soap that invites you to embrace the bliss of nature.

    Indulge in the serenity of nature with our Handmade Slamber Soap—a light and moisturizing soap that captures the essence of a peaceful stroll through a cedar forest, where the soothing aroma of Fir Needle and Lavender creates a blissful and relaxing vibe!

    Light and moisturizing soap with an aroma of Fir Needle and Lavender for a Chill / Relaxing vibe.

    Our soap is designed to provide your skin with a moisturizing embrace, leaving it feeling soft and nourished with every use!